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In the Presence of Angels
Reflections on Mattie Pearl and Emanuel Swedenborg
By Andrea R. Garrison

"If we knew that our spiritual lives continued after we left this earth, would we live our lives differently with more love, compassion and gratitude? Andrea Garrison enlightens us to this belief, by sharing her mother's and grandfather's 'crossing over' experiences. We gain comfort that a death is not an end but a 'crossing over' from one world to another as our spiritual being continues in another form. In the Presence of Angels shows us that our lives are part of a bigger journey. This book reminds us to live in the 'present' with more love and kindness."
—Heather Rodale
, founder, HealingThroughTheArts.org

"In The Presence of Angels is a treasure of a book that truly does bring us into the presence of angels. Andrea Garrison's simply written but profoundly touching story will inspire readers to closely examine their own values and attitudes, particularly about the reality of 'life after death.'"
—John Thompson, president, Illumination Arts Publishing

"A touching and evocative account of how the links between family members survive beyond the limits of death."
—Richard Smoley, author,
Supernatural: Writings on an Unknown History

"In the Presence of Angels is a lyrical gem, a gentle meditation that will take you deeper and deeper into the heart of love, and—at the same time—into the promise of everlasting life."
—Ray Silverman, author, The Core of Johnny Appleseed

"This is a book about things that matter supremely, written straight from the author's heart—a book that needs to be read from the heart, so take it slowly, a page at a time."
—George F. Dole, translator, Heaven and Hell

5/1/2013 4:00:00 AM
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