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Heaven's Muscle

Unleashing the Power of the Spirit Within You

By Bren Hughes

What People Are Saying

"'This is a book about the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.' And with that begins an honest, challenging, and ultimately compelling journey through the author's personal experiences that led him to embrace the Spirit of Christ in new ways and to strip away religiosity and bibliolatry rampant in so many lives. This book is not for those comfortable in their pews, taking part in the week-to-week traditions of "church." No, this is a book for those who want to confront spiritual complacency in their lives. Told using engaging anecdotes and strong scriptural insight, Bren crafts a narrative that comes from the heart, and creates an atmosphere of an old friend talking about his life story. It's an easy read in one respect, but incredibly challenging in others. Definitely worth the read!"

— Keith Heyboer, public school teacher

"If religion makes you sick, you'll love this book by Bren Hughes." — Rhea Perry, entrepreneurial educator,

"Heaven's Muscle is an easy read that shows the power available to believers through the Holy Spirit. The more we use a muscle, the stronger it becomes. Bren Hughes gives a clear picture of passion and purpose powered by the desire to give glory to God. I didn't want to put it down!"

— Rita Woods Aaron, home-school mom

"Heavens Muscle is well worth your money and time. Bren Hughes paints a vivid picture of how God is working all around us today. Stacked full of sound biblical principles woven together with personal stories makes you feel like you're having a casual conversation with an old friend. Excellent book! I will be buying multiple copies and handing them out to people!"

– Justin Hammonds, author and motivational speaker,

"Bren's story speaks to the heart. This would be an excellent book to give to any teen or young adult struggling to keep the faith."

– "Danielle," blogger and home-school mom

"A very honest and transparent look at the author's journey from being raised in a Christian home, being taught through the lens of well-intended legalism, to agnosticism, atheism, and back to a purer, truer version of a Christ-follower. This journey allowed him to strip away the baggage that church traditions can have, and take a fresh look at exactly what the Bible does and does not say, and why it matters. Heaven's Muscle will challenge you to ask yourself if you're worshiping the living God who is revealed in scripture, or just scripture; if you're following the Spirit's leading, or toeing the line of church tradition. Regardless of your own tradition and belief, even if (especially if) you're a skeptic, Bren's intellectual approach and transparency will speak to every reader. I eagerly await the second book from Bren Hughes."

— Heather Throneberry, crisis pregnancy activist

"Bren's insights were poignant; some were surprising. This book has opened my eyes to the true work of the Spirit throughout Biblical history and the work the Spirit wants to do in me and through me today. It's the Spirit that provides the power! And that power wasn't only available to Jesus … or those Jesus directly touched ... or only a select few. It's available to me! And as the author says, "Do not underestimate what you've been given."

I highly recommend this book. It's an easy read. Bren's style is warm and natural. It will make you feel like you are sitting at his dinning room table having a conversation with him. I found myself smiling a lot as I read. I loved his stories and the way he let his readers into his life, his thoughts, his personal struggles.

This book did not disappoint! I believe God brought it to me at just the right time in my spiritual journey."

– Jill Ferrell, home-school mom

12/1/2014 5:00:00 AM
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