About the Book and Author

About the Book:

A God with No Name is an original take on the history of god and tells the story of his evolution from the lowly son of a Canaanite tribal deity up to his present position as a being of universal power and prestige. The book draws on source material from the Torah, the Ugaritic Baal Cycle and the Book of Enoch, as well as other writings from the ancient world.

The book covers the wars among the Elohim which parallel the conflict between the Israelites and the other Canaanite tribes of that region. When the Jewish people are taken captive into Babylon and Persia, they begin to expand their knowledge and understanding of the larger cosmos and so to their god, Yahweh, transforms with them, subsuming the powers of the various gods and goddesses they meet in these far-off lands. This book tells the stories of these other deities and places their mythology in the context of the development of the region through successive empires.

The story continues through the birth of Christianity and Islam as Yahweh begins to split into both Jehovah and Allah, then goes on into the middle ages and the period of the reformation when he splits into even more versions of himself. This splitting process eventually fills the world with Yahweh’s alter egos, creating this overcrowded marketplace of loosely connected religions we have today.


About the Author:

Brian is a writer and thinker who has spent his life investigating the unknown and searching for truth in all its weird and various forms.

In all his adventures he has never discovered a deeper or darker path than that which navigates the depths of the human psyche. When he is not busy exploring the far-flung reaches of the earth, he works as a teacher in the remote and icy north of Canada.

Brian has recently published his first book, a work of creative non-fiction titled A God with No Name, which tells the mythic origin story of Yahweh and his evolution from the lowly son of a Canaanite deity to a universal god of unlimited power and prestige.

He is currently working on his follow-up book, After the Robot Uprising, which deals with the mythology of creators fearing their own creations.

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