Reviews & Endorsements

“One of Jesus' last commands at his table with his friends was 'remember me.' It still stands. As I Recall is a ribbon tied round the fingers of our souls."
“If you've ever wondered where wonderment comes from, thought about where thoughts are born, or wished you could forget a painful memory, then Casey Tygrett's As I Recall is a must-read. It is not a how to but a how come book. How is it that we can remember the color of socks we were wearing in an accident a decade ago, yet we can't remember what we had for lunch last hour? How do all these memories we carry with us relate to the life Christ would have us live? Tygrett has some thoughts on these subjects. As I Recall is a good read for anyone who thinks."
“Through personal story, neurological insights, and spiritual practices, Tygrett pastors his readers, inviting us to bring our whole selves―our past, present, and future selves, our physical, emotional, spiritual selves―into a life formed by the God who was, who is, and who is to come."