The Insignificant Matter

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Why You Matter in the Surprising Way God Is Changing the World
By Chris Travis

You Matter More Than You Realize

If you're looking for a life of meaning, take hope. God wants to use you in his surprising plan to change the world. Who would have guessed that Jesus would conquer evil not through force or victory, but through defeat? He makes the weak strong, the foolish wise, and the insignificant matter.

Author and pastor Chris Travis shares powerful, soul-stirring true stories--including his own gritty experiences teaching in one of the most dangerous public schools in New York--to cast a vision of how  much we matter to God and his work in the world. True significance will cost you everything, but you will get more than you ever dreamed in return. 

Includes end-of-chapter questions for personal study or small-group discussion.

About the Author

Chris Travis is the bestselling author of Unnamed, and the pastor of Everyday Christian Church in Manhattan. Before that he taught math at the most dangerous middle-school in the New York City public school system. Chris is a former atheist who met Jesus in the pages of Scripture and never looked back. He lives with his wife in New York City and blogs at

8/16/2012 4:00:00 AM
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