Reviews & Endorsements

“'Yes' is a dangerous word. Yet it is the very word that opens critical doors in life. David Rupert has written the book we all need to open our eyes to the power of 'yes' and spur us to action.""
“Living a Life of Yes: How One Word Can Change Everything is going to change the course of your life. Saying 'yes' opens the way for God to do what He wants in you and through you. David Rupert shows us that saying 'yes' is not about a religion, nor is it an activity. It is a relationship! David demonstrates how this affirmative response to God transforms lives. He gives examples of everyday people who've pushed through uncomfortable situations and moved past their fears to discover God in unexpected places."
“David Rupert took a risk with his life and this book. Consistently obeying promptings for a year led him on the adventure of a lifetime. Reading this book to hear David's story - and the stories of others who said 'yes' - is more than vicarious entertainment. It'll prompt --- and equip - you to say 'yes' to the great things life presents you."
“The simple word 'yes' is atomic: small but filled with nuclear power. Master storyteller David Rupert shows you how to access this power by Living a Life of Yes. The stories are true and the steps are simple. Without being preachy, this book will inspire and unleash you into a more abundant life. I dare you: say YES to this book . . . and then fasten your seat belt!"