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But for as much as I've found the blessings in my sister's death, I should also admit another truth: death sucks! Believe me, if I had my way and could reorganize the universe, I'd make sure no one would ever have to lose someone they love ever again!

The brutality of having to say goodbye to a person who gives your life meaning is unbearable. But because of how gut wrenching my sister's death was for me, because of how horrible and unfair it was for my parents and my other older sister, for my grandparents and Kathy's young friends-most of whom had never seen death-I had to find the silver lining. If not, I would have gone nuts, like my friend who used to wake up at night insanely trying to figure out ways to pull a Dr. Frankenstein and bring her father back from the dead. That's how crazy our minds get when we experience the inconceivable pain of loss. Even though I'm not a fan of the entire unfair system of death and grief, I've stopped trying to avoid and fight it. It's futile. After all, death has been around a lot longer than me, and it's not going away.

What might be comforting to you at this point is that no matter what kind of loss you're dealing with, whether it was an expected death from old age or disease, or a sudden, more dramatic death from an accident or worse, you'll receive tips and stories from people of all walks of life in a wide range of circumstances who have bridged the gap from here to there with heartwarming reports. No matter your situation, even if it's negative and you're dealing with unfinished business, anger, or a lack of strength, this book will help you regain hope. And although this may be hard to fathom, you'll also come to see that there are blessings and gifts that come with every one of your life experiences (even the dramatic and tragic ones). Finally, if you're already receiving signs and messages from your loved one and just want a few more fun ideas about how to deepen that connection, you've come to the right place. Love endures. And it's never too late.

I have the great blessing of helping countless people who have lost loved ones. It's something I've done informally since losing Kathy but now more formally as a grief and life coach. Whether I'm working one-on-one with clients, coaching a group in my spiritual workshops and retreats, or taking questions on my Internet radio show, I'm so grateful to be able to share what's worked for me while continuing to learn from the many others who have also turned their pain into peace.

What will you gain by reading this book? You'll acquire a sense of peace and validation that spiritual connections with the beyond occur each and every day, everywhere. You'll gain a newfound perspective on death and the grieving process. You'll begin to see and understand how to regain your faith, and interpret signs or messages that are coming in from people close to you who've passed on. Finally, you'll be inspired to dig deep, let go of painful blocks, and reignite your enthusiasm to live life on your terms, buoyed by heavenly support. And, even if you're not yet sure that connecting with loved ones on the other side is your kind of thing, this book will help you process your experiences and free up your energy for all of the good that's waiting to come to you and through you.

Closer Than You Think will touch and change your life if any of the following are true:

  1. You've thought about communicating, at some level, with a lost loved one.
  2. You've received signs, dreams, or other apparent messages, and have questions.
  3. You believe that death is tragic, unfair, or unacceptable.
  4. You're filled with anger toward God regarding your loss, and you want peace and healing.
  5. You're unsure about how to grieve or move beyond the grieving process.
  6. You've visited a third-party psychic in an attempt to find answers or healing regarding your loss.
  7. You ache to connect with your loved one without an intermediary.
  8. You want to celebrate your memories.
  9. You want to add more fun, gratitude, blessings, protection, and playfulness to your life.
  10. You want to move forward in your life while also keeping your connection with your loved one strong and everlasting.

I should say that this book is profoundly spiritual without being ideological. No matter what religion you practice (or don't), you will find much that speaks to you. If any part of the book feels a little out there, just take what feels right. You have my promise: if you keep an open heart and mind, you'll walk away with ideas you've never thought of, techniques that bring you peace (even excitement), and a renewed sense that everything happens for a reason and is part of a larger, benevolent plan. Then I know I've done my job. Scratch that. Then I know that Kathy and I have done our jobs, and that through her passing, the world is an even better place in which to live.


Deborah (& Kathy)

5/16/2012 4:00:00 AM
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