What People Are Saying

"I wasn't able to see myself as a woman the way God created me to be, because I wasn't married yet. I didn't understand what biblical femininity was all about. Through Larry's teaching, I saw for the first time how God created me as a woman who could glorify Him through my femininity, whether married or single. My view about that and myself has changed, and I am now free to be a woman for God's glory."
—Natalia M. Moldova, E. Europe, Single/Missionary

"Larry's insight into how God has uniquely created man and woman to engage and reflect God to one another has been a challenge and blessing. Especially in the lives of my clients, the 'light switch' turns on that there are more than just the 'roles' that society and the church have established, but that God has ordained and created a beautiful dance between husband and wife that only the music of heaven can lead."
—Greg C., Houston, TX, Husband/Father/Counselor

"Explaining and expressing the core terrors of men and women and having accurate biblical definitions of what it is to be male or female has led me to the profound longing for the weight of God—his kabod—in my life and the joy when, in passing moments, I am aware of being a truly alive man."
Graham B., Aberdeen, Scotland, Husband/ Father/ Pastor

6/1/2013 4:00:00 AM
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