Reviews & Endorsements

““Larry Crabb is equal parts Bible scholar and professional counselor, which makes him the ideal person to address this topic. And in an era of global terrorism, nuclear fears, political divisions, and devastating natural disasters, we need a trustworthy guide to explore God’s ways.”"
“I love it when Larry Crabb comes out with a new book. I know I’ll be reading something that will profoundly touch my life. When God’s Ways Make No Sense is that on steroids. Frankly, I don’t understand God, His ways, or why He’s doing what He’s doing in my life and that of those I love. ‘Trust and tremble’ isn’t my normal response to God’s ways. Sometimes it’s more ‘cuss and spit.’ This book is profound, fresh, practical, and life-altering. I’m going to be different and better because of it, and you will too!"