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Birmingham Revolution
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Epic Challenge to the Church
By Edward Gilbreath

Praise for Birmingham Revolution

"Ed Gilbreath offers a masterful retelling of key times in the life of King. He gives us a holistic view that helps us to understand the great civil rights leader. Gilbreath does not sidestep controversial issues so that we will engage in an unspiritual worship of King but places the man in a proper context so that we gain qualitative insight into the civil rights movement."
—George Yancey, professor of sociology, University of North Texas

"We remember Martin Luther King Jr. because he spoke truth to power. We remember Dr. King because he cast a vision for what we could be, rather than what we often are. Now, Edward Gilbreath uses historical insight, theological sensitivity and nitty-gritty honesty to help us remember King for his challenges to the church. If you want your congregation to be and remain on the side of justice, you will get a copy of Birmingham Revolution for your pastor. If you want it to change your life, you'll get another one for yourself."
—Edward J. Blum, coauthor of The Color of Christ

"Edward Gilbreath has provided us with a truly magnificent look at Martin Luther King Jr. and the Birmingham civil-rights campaign of 1963 in this fiftieth anniversary year. Those new to King will be intrigued, informed and inspired. Those very familiar with King and the events in Birmingham will gain fresh and engaging insights. Birmingham Revolution is a must-read for students, activists, pastors, community leaders and all persons who claim the Christian community as their home."
—Curtiss Paul DeYoung, professor of reconciliation studies, Bethel University

"Edward Gilbreath has written a smart, thoughtful and contemporary account of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail.' He analyzes the depth of King's theological convictions concerning racial injustices and the controversies they provoked in the city of Birmingham in 1963, as well as the nation. Gilbreath's book prophetically challenges evangelical Christians to reexamine King's theological convictions in light of racial and social class inequities facing the United States and the world today."
—Randal Maurice Jelks, author of Benjamin Elijah Mays, Schoolmaster of the Movement

"This book offers a unique facet to the multifaceted jewel of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Birmingham revolution. The one who dares to take another look into the life, work and ministry of King by reading this book will experience the transition from a glimpse to a glance to a glaze."
—Robert Smith Jr., professor of divinity, Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, Alabama

"Today, the historical significance of Dr. Martin Luther King has either been virtually forgotten or has given way to a slew of one-dimensional caricatures. In Birmingham Revolution, Ed Gilbreath not only gives a fresh analysis of an important chapter of the civil rights movement, he also thoughtfully reintroduces Dr. King to a whole new generation. He challenges us to reexamine Dr. King's renowned 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' in order to rediscover the clear biblical concerns and mandates for justice. This book will prove to be a valuable tool in equipping those we disciple with a fuller application of God's Word in the cultural marketplace."
—Carl Ellis Jr., assistant professor of practical theology, Redeemer Seminary

"The calling of a prophet is a glorious burden. The prophetic voice of Martin Luther King is as needed by the church today as it was half a century ago. Edward Gilbreath allows us to hear it with depth and power."
—John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and author of Who Is This Man?

"Read the headlines these days, and it can seem like the country is splitting at the seams. The vitriol of our political and cultural debates is enough to make anyone wonder whether the 'better angels of our nature' have gone into permanent hibernation ... Reading Edward Gilbreath's Birmingham Revolution has given me a fresh perspective and renewed hope."
—Michael O. Emerson, Christianity Today, December 2013

"Not only will readers come away with an understanding of King and his work, they also will see ongoing cultural debates with new eyes. Highly recommend this well-written, thoroughly researched book."
—John Bernstein, CBA Retailers + Resources, December 2013

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