Praise for "God Unbound"

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God Unbound
Wisdom from Galatians for the Anxious Church
By Elaine Heath

"Rarely do we find so many critical issues about the future of faith addressed so concisely. And to think that this is coming from the dean of one of our great schools of theology—how hopeful! Heath grounds her message in one of the core texts that leveraged the Protestant Reformation, inviting us to move with the Spirit into the new Reformation now so clearly unfolding."

—Paul Nixon, coauthor, Weird Church: Welcome to the Twenty-first Century!

"Can you imagine a God who wants to bless all the families of the earth? A God who is greater than our anxious fears? A God who is known most completely in the tradition behind our tradition—in the risen Christ, who will never abandon us? A God who loves all people equally? In God Unbound, Elaine Heath contemplates the streams of scripture, ecclesiology, family systems, and spiritual practice in the call for a church that is at once mystical and missional. The result is a holy fire, a pearl of great price, an altar call. The church—especially the United Methodist Church—needs this word in the present moment."

—Ken Carter, Resident Bishop, Florida Area, The United Methodist Church

"Elaine Heath provides ancient wisdom for an anxious church. God Unbound will be enormously helpful to those innovating new forms of church and mission and to those in more traditional settings struggling to understand them."

—Rev. Graham Horsley, Connexional Fresh Expressions Missioner, British Conference of the Methodist Church

"Rare is the theologian who can be both clear-eyed about the mess the church is in and genuinely inspiring about what God can yet do. Elaine Heath does both beautifully. She is one of the most important voices we have in Methodism and indeed in the church universal. When new communities of Jesus’ followers emerge from the ruins of Christendom, they’ll have Heath’s work in hand, lovingly dog-eared and underlined."

—Jason Byassee, Butler Chair in Homiletics and Biblical Hermeneutics, Vancouver School of Theology

7/16/2016 4:00:00 AM
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