Praise for Practicing Compassion

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Practicing Compassion
By Frank Rogers

"Everybody believes in compassion, but nobody tells you how to practice it. Until now. Frank Rogers turns compassion into a doable, daily practice—as simple as catching your breath and taking your pulse. If you want to read a book that actually has the capacity to change your life (and the world), beginning today, this is the book to read."

—Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker/blogger/activist

"Frank Rogers's book offers a treasure trove of stories and practices to enhance the reader's capacity for compassion. This is a wonderful book for contemplatives, pastors, lay people, seminarians—for all of us interested in deepening our ability to respond to the world with joy and love."

—Wendy Farley
Professor of Religion and Ethics
Emory University

"If you want clear, practical guidance on how to cultivate the inner resources to become a healing presence and force of good for the world, there is no better book than this and no better guide than Frank Rogers."

—John Makransky
Professor of Comparative Theology, Boston College
Author of Awakening Through Love

"The result of years of study and reflective practice, Practicing Compassion invites the reader into the heart of human experience and action. Suitable for individual and group study in homes, faith communities, and academic settings, Frank Rogers's deeply sensitive work has the capacity to restore relationships and organizations. This resource offers a way for people of all backgrounds to better cultivate compassion in their daily lives, and reminds those of us who find their way in Christian communities how compassion is an integral part of the tradition."

—Rev. Dr. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
Claremont School of Theology

Woven in story, human experience, and practical reflective processes, Frank Rogers's thoughtful book, Practicing Compassion, is truly transformative. It has the capacity to move us to explore more in depth our own inner territory where we gain fresh insight into the gift of compassion. From this stance we are challenged to reach out to be bearers of healing love to a world in distress. Frank's wisdom and gentle style of narrative is captivating and sure to touch our hearts and souls. What a treasure to anchor us in the now!

—Edith Prendergast, RSC
Director of Religious Education
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

"A world wracked with pain and violence badly needs to heed Frank Rogers's message about the cultivation of compassion. He presents a psychologically and spiritually sound path to rejuvenating our capacity for caring connection in the midst of turbulence in the world and busyness in our daily routine. His book is inspiring, yet practical; lofty, yet grounded; challenging, yet encouraging. Rogers's compassionate heart radiates throughout. I cannot recommend this work highly enough."

—Wilkie Au, Ph.D.
Author of The Enduring Heart: Spirituality for the Long Haul

"This is not just a book to read; it's a quest to undertake—slowly, page by page. The journey will take you through moments of pain and confusion, but also joy and insight. Above all, the pilgrimage will teach you how to rekindle compassion for the Divine, for yourself, and for others. What undertaking could be more worth our time and attention?"

— Philip Clayton, author of In Quest of Freedom

1/16/2015 5:00:00 AM
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