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"God's Favorite Place on Earth beautifully creates a powerful and moving portrait of the humanness of Jesus and His dearest relationships. Taking a story well-told, Frank Viola engages the voice and view of Lazarus to bring a new perspective and moving relatability to Jesus' life on earth.  Incredibly thoughtful and moving."
—Jenni Catron, Executive Director of Cross Point Church and author of Just Lead!

"Frank's deep love for Jesus abides in every sentence of this unique and beautiful book. He makes the dry bones of the old stories-from-Sunday-school dance with beauty and resurrection power. God's Favorite Place is a call, a challenge, and a love story, all at once."
—Sarah Bessey, author, editor of A Deeper Story, blogger at

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"Familiar stories scattered in different parts of the gospels are woven together into one narrative in this innovative work. Fictional elements help bring the events to life, and each chapter concludes with practical teaching to drive home the message that if you choose to welcome Jesus into your life, remarkable consequences will follow. Frank's refreshing and infectious passion for Jesus permeates every word."
—Adrian Warnock, author of Raised with Christ and blogger at 

"Hold on for a mind-bending, Spirit-honing journey. I've been a fan of Frank's writing for many years now, and this book distills all of the things I love best about his books. Here, for the first time, Frank not only offers great wisdom and theological insight, but also offers narrative passages to take us back to the sights, sounds, and realities of Jesus' day. We are there at the table with him in Bethany. We are there at His side when He calls Lazarus from the tomb. To encounter Jesus personally is to be changed forever, and Frank offers that opportunity by taking us to God's Favorite Place on Earth."
—Eric Wilson, New York Times best-selling author of Fireproof, 1 Step Away, and October Baby

"Here's an invitation to experience Jesus in a remarkably personal way, through the eyes of His close friend Lazarus. As Lazarus retells 'the old, old story,' we find ourselves there, with him, with his family, with Jesus, watching Jesus at work and enjoying the warmth of His presence and the power of His influence. Frank Viola draws us into a powerful drama very much at home in the Gospels and faithful to the first-century world, and then he helps us to personalize Jesus' message."
—Joel B. Green, Ph.D. Professor of New Testament Interpretation & Associate Dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

"God's Favorite Place on Earth is old school, time-tested wisdom delivered in a highly creative format. I not only hope this book gains a wide reading, but an equal application. I know it spoke to my heart and gently challenged me to follow Jesus ever more closely, to make a Bethany in my heart."
—Todd Hunter, Anglican bishop, founder of Churches For the Sake of Others, author of Our Favorite Sins and Christianity Beyond Belief

"Without question, this is Frank Viola's most exhilarating book yet. Read it to see into the heart of Lazarus. Read it to experience the tenderness of Jesus like never before!"
—Dr. Andrew Farley, bestselling author of The Naked Gospel and God Without Religion

"Frank Viola has a rare gift for helping us all to understand the intimate union we share with the Father through Jesus Christ. God's Favorite Place on Earth will stir your emotions and empower you to open yourself to be a 'Bethany' where Jesus feels right at home. This is one of those books you'll read twice and then share with a friend."
—Steve McVey, author of Grace Walk

"After reading God's Favorite Place, I find myself longing to be in each Bethany story with Jesus, tasting the food, smelling the perfume, seeing the man raised, and watching Jesus soar to the heavens. But more so than this desire, I now long to be Bethany to those around me. Thanks Frank, for helping me see."
—Pete Briscoe, pastor at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, Telling the Truth

"History is always informative, but it takes an artist to make it inspirational. By weaving imagination and history together, Frank Viola has crafted a captivating tale of a place where God 'hung out' with His friends and touched real human life. You won't regret the time you invest in exploring this ancient villa through Frank's creative mind!"
—Brandon Cox, pastor and editor of

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