Praise for The Sacred Search

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The Sacred Search
What If It's Not About Who You Marry, But Why?
By Gary Thomas

Jim Daly"Gary Thomas has logged a lot of miles working with young men and women as they navigate the often difficult path to marriage in the 21st century. The Sacred Search will help those who desire marriage to pursue it in a manner that deepens their faith, honors God, and blesses their future spouse."
—Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family

"Gary Thomas debunks the mythical search for a soul mate to help you choose a 'sole-mate'-someone who will 'lay down their life' in faithful love. This biblically based book is for anyone who wants to be wise in their pursuit of a spouse."
—Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

"One of the primary hopes I have for my generation is that we will desire partnerships with purpose. In this book, Gary creates a compelling argument that shifts the believer's view of relationships, dating, and marriage to focus on something greater. His biblical, logical, and fatherly-wise advice is the reason I will point my generation to his book for many of the commonly-asked "What about..." questions. And I will point the older generation to him as a guide to mentoring my peers. I'm thankful Gary has created this resource. Guess I can quit my job now!"
—Joy Eggerichs, Director, Love & Respect Now

"The Sacred Search is a powerfully honest portrayal of the biblical view of marriage. Gary Thomas dismantles contemporary philosophies on love, sexuality, and marital union by offering strong arguments for why they have not been successful. His comprehensive look at romantic relationships through psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual perspectives gives the reader a framework for understanding "the why" of marriage in a world that is grossly fixated on "the who". His appeal to a "kingdom first" perspective gives both hope and healing for a generation in desperate need of a fresh and Christ-centered understanding of God's plan for marriage. This book is a must-read before anyone says 'I do.'"
—Michelle Anthony, author of Spiritual Parenting

"Our culture is obsessed with compatibility and chemistry. However, in relationship formation character always trumps chemistry. Great marriages do not flow from compatibility, they flow from character. I appreciate Gary Thomas taking such a bold stand on marriage. The Sacred Search is a gut check for anyone considering, delaying, or even pursuing marriage. If marriage scares you, read this book and be encouraged. If you feel you are not ready for marriage, then please read and be prepared. If the critics tell you it ain't worth it, I beg you to read this book and learn how to honor marriage."
—Ted Cunningham, author of Young & In Love & Trophy Child

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