Praise for The Seeker King

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The Seeker King
A Spiritual Biography of Elvis Presley
By Gary Tillery

What People Are Saying

"Over fifty years ago, a talented young singer named Elvis Presley made one of his first appearances on my TV show in New York. Even then, I could see he had a very special presence. Here in this great new book, I feel like I got to know this complex and remarkable man even more than I did before. The Seeker King is a real gift for Elvis fans everywhere!"
—Joe Franklin, legendary broadcaster

"While chronicling the full arc of the life and career of Elvis Presley, Gary Tillery zeros in on Presley's constant search for inner peace and spiritual growth. The Seeker King probes beyond Elvis' meteoric rise, worldwide impact, and ultimate demise, casting light on many of the man's personal quests that played out behind the scenes. This book will be treasured by Elvis fans everywhere."
—Dave Zimmer, author of Crosby, Stills & Nash: The Biography

"Elvis Presley was an icon of sex, stardom, and rock and roll, but beneath the glitz and Las Vegas glamour brooded a sensitive soul, deeply troubled by life's mysteries. Gary Tillery's highly readable biography shows us another side of the King, as a seeker eager to grasp life's secret meanings, and to explore a whole range of spiritual paths. Elvis may have left the building, but as this book shows, his spirit carries on."
—Gary Lachman, former Blondie bassist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and popular religion writer

"As a big Elvis fan, I thought I had read everything there was to read about him. But this book explores new areas and goes further into old ones. It's a must for Elvis fans and is now definitely a new addition to my library."
—Fred Willard, actor

"This is one fantastic book. The spiritual search that Elvis took to the very moment of his death is eye opening. His goodness is everywhere. He was generous and kind to those he loved and those he didn't. He was sure in his love of God and wanted to be closer to him. A wonderful and spiritual book for every fan and every seeker."
—Mary Willard, playwright, "Elvis and Juliet"

"Just as Elvis forged the roots of rock 'n roll for The Beatles, Gary Tillery reveals in The Seeker King how Elvis was first also to chase for grace through spirituality. The journey towards self during Presley's life is told by Tillery with craft, insight, and compassion. An often heartbreaking tale of how celebrity really did make Elvis so lonely that he died, The Seeker King also proves that Presley's genuine goodness and faith will keep him alive forever."
—Anthony Pomes, rock historian, advisory board member of The John Lennon Center for Music & Technology

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