Awakening to God: Discussion Questions

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Awakening to God
Discovering His Power and Your Purpose
By Gerard Long

Awakening to God Group Questions

Chapter 1: Awakening to God's Love and Purpose

  1. Have you ever thought about walking away from your faith? What led you to that point? What kept you from leaving, or what ultimately brought you back?
  2. How do you spend time in God's presence? What kind of experiences do you have in those moments?

Chapter 2: Awakening to the Holy Spirit: The Power of Living

  1. Gerard Long says that it is the Holy Spirit who "is present to guide, help, encourage, and comfort us through life." How has the Holy Spirit done this in your life?
  2. Describe a time when you were filled with God's joy.

Chapter 3: Awakening to Our Calling: Go and Make Disciples

  1. Gerard Long challenges us to show people what the Kingdom of God is like. What qualities does the Kingdom have and how can you demonstrate them to others?
  2. To what places or people have you sensed God sending you? How have you responded?
  3. How has God guided your life? Have you ever resisted that guidance? What happened?

Chapter 4: Awakening to Brokenness

  1. Explain your reaction or feelings after reading Gerard's personal testimony of tragedy and how he held fast to God amidst the pain. How does this encourage you in your own faith?
  2. Can you recall moments when you thought you couldn't carry on and then you felt God's strength run through you? Describe those feelings.

Chapter 5: Awakening to Eternity

    1. Gerard Long explores the idea that our view of the future is influenced directly by our view of the here and How do your current circumstances affect your hope for the future?
    2. What holds you back from surrendering completely to God?
    3. What are some ways you can store up heavenly treasures while on earth?

Chapter 6: Awakening to Opportunity: A Bigger Vision

    • How has God been working in your life and equipping you for where you are today?
    • Have you been able to sense when God has begun to initiate major changes in your life? What sorts of things happened in those "waiting periods"?

Chapter 7: Awakening to God's Provision: How to Become Fishers of Men

  1. Do you ever find yourself hesitant to share the gospel? What are the reasons and circumstances? How can you overcome these obstacles?
  2. Describe a time, from Scripture or in your own experience, when someone demonstrated persistent How did God answer those prayers?
  3. Do you recall any instances when family/friends/acquaintances asked you questions about your faith? What happened?

Chapter 8: Awakening to the Nets: How to Draw in the Fish

  1. What simple acts of kindness have deeply influenced your faith?
  2. How have you seen forgiveness affect your faith or the faith of others?

Chapter 9: Awakening to the Catch: How to Land the Fish

  1. Think about some specific people in your life with whom you might share Jesus. What are some gentle, thought-provoking questions you could ask to start a conversation about faith?
  2. Gerard Long shares his own ideas for sharing the gospel with others. Do you have a process for explaining the gospel to your loved ones? How is it the same as or different than Gerard's?
  3. How can you make yourself more available to God and the work he has planned for you?

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