Ghost Brother Angel: About the Book and Author

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Ghost Brother Angel
By Grant Schnarr

Ghost Brother Angel is a true story of spiritual guidance and healing from beyond our world. In this frank spiritual and paranormal memoir, author Grant Schnarr takes us on a journey that spans both the globe and the depths of the human soul.

As a child, Schnarr was haunted by a real ghost—a dark presence that lingered in his family's house, occasionally moving objects, making noises, or even appearing to unsuspecting family members and guests. As an adult, Schnarr had almost forgotten about the ghost until a series of brushes with death began to awaken old memories.

Over the course of several months, a series of "coincidences" led him to dig deeper into a long-buried family tragedy. Forced to confront his deepest fears and armed with the lessons he learned from the spiritual warriors in his life, he slowly began to piece together the mystery and learned the truth.

Anyone who has suffered a loss or struggled with fears will relate to this real-life tale of facing your inner—and outer—demons, told from the author's uniquely Swedenborgian perspective.

About the Author

Grant Schnarris the author of the novel The Guardian Angel Diary and also several books about growth and spirituality, including Art of Spiritual Warfare: A Guide to Lasting Inner Peace, which has been published in a variety of languages by independent publishers on four continents. His book You Can Believe! is a best-selling introduction to Swedenborgian thought. He lives in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.

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