Praise for Questions for 21st Century Church

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Questions for 21st Century Church and Ministry Leaders in North America
It's About the Kingdom, Stupid!

By Jeb Gaither

What People Are Saying

'Questions for 21st Century Church and Ministry Leaders in North America will challenge church and ministry leaders to think "the way it ought to be.'
Mike Crosley, Founder and Retired Executive Director of LifeBridge Community, Inc.

'This book is chock-full of positive and practical ideas for leadership and church growth. For those who want to enjoy Christ's promise of fruit bearing, Jeb's words are refreshing and life giving.
John Smed, Director of Prayer Current, Vancouver, BC Canada

'The author speaks truth about the church and faith-based organizations when he reminds us that all our ministry efforts should be about His kingdom and not our material idols.'
Reverend Phil Edward, Senior Director, Outreach Engagement, Grace Church, Noblesville, Indiana

'I often found myself wishing these questions had been asked in places where I had ministered, and hoping and praying that they would be asked in those places I currently serve and in the wider church at large.'
Michaela Flack, Director of International Sales, MATS International

'Read at your own risk and read for your own benefit! '
Roger Williams, Pastor, New City Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

11/16/2014 5:00:00 AM
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