Praise for Wholehearted Living

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Wholehearted Living

Five-Minute Reflections for Modern Moms

By Jennifer Grant

What People Are Saying

"Jennifer Grant shares her journey to discovering God's whole-hearted love smack in the middle of her everyday life. Through her winsome writing, you'll find yourself in his comfortable embrace. Settle in ... and experience the ahhhhhh of his presence."
— Elisa Morgan
Speaker, Author, The Beauty of Broken
Publisher, FullFill,,
President Emerita, MOPS International,

"Wholehearted Living is manna from heaven for every woman lost in the wilderness of motherhood. It's a daily dose of sanity and empathy, encouragement and understanding, packaged in bite sized morsels to fit a busy Mom's schedule. Jennifer Grant has lived through the ups and downs of motherhood and offers wise words to help center a woman's day."

— Dale Hanson Bourke

"If you're stretched for time, stressed by the cacophony of the urgent and immersed up to your eyebrows in the responsibilities of helping to shape your your children's lives, you'll find a pause button that will encourage you take a couple of deep, reflective, recalibrating breaths each day in Jennifer Grant's Wholehearted Living. This lovely volume has been written by someone who has lived in the trenches filled with the clatter and joy of everyday family life. Grant's wisdom and grace will nurture you as you pour your life into nurturing those around you."

— Michelle Van Loon, author of If Only: Letting Go Of Regret (Beacon Hill Press, 2014)

11/16/2014 5:00:00 AM
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