Be Great Before It's Too Late

Discover Your Personal Journey Towards Greatness

Are you living a life on its way to being great or a life that will fall short of your ultimate destiny? In Be Great…Before It’s Too Late, Jerry Meek dives deep into the stories of some of the most inspiring men and women in history and explores both their valleys and their peaks. You will see the benefits of their discipline and the rewards of finishing the race and you will be reminded of the importance of beginning with purpose and finishing strong. | read more»

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Reviews & Endorsements

“Jerry Meek gives us a ‘never give up’ inspirational message. I’ve always believed in such tenacity, but Jerry links such tenacity with a strong faith in God. I am inspired and you will be too!"
“Each chapter in this book is like getting an appointment with someone who has learned how to be great and yet wants to see you become even greater. Whether you know where you’re headed in life or not, this book can help you get there in a greater way. Don’t miss your appointment!"

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