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The Cause Church:
What Would You Change About the World if Purpose Did Not Know Palaces, Pews, or Tribes?
by Dr. jKonrad Hölé

About the Author

jKonrad Hölé (pronounced hu-la) is a spiritual leader/teacher, life architect, personal and corporate transition advisor, professional mediator, parenting coordinator and author. He holds both a Master's and Doctorate in Theological Studies and Religious Theology from Logos University in Jacksonville Florida. He is an ongoing participant in the furthering education program of dispute resolution at The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University in Malibu California as well as having completed California State accredited courses in Mediation, Divorce Mediation and Parenting Co-ordination from The Northern California Mediation Center in Marin County California. In addition, jKonrad is an active member of The American Counseling Association.

His mission? Helping people from all walks of life, all faiths, and all backgrounds, find their cause. He is the founder and senior architect of cause…a multi-faceted activist oriented organization devoted to the spiritual, social, and economic freedom of human life. His expertise in the areas of leadership and mentoring, as well as his corporate consulting scope have included Fortune 500 companies from Best-Buy and Lockheed-Martin all the way to the one-person owner small business. jKonrad is also very involved in the creation of group solution programs for couples experiencing divorce and shared families blending on the other side of divorce entitled, "Doing Divorce Better."

jKonrad has been host to a variety of national events that have included both religious and political leaders and is the host of a weekly gathering entitled, "WESHARE;" An informal teaching setting that brings local people from all walks of life together for a meal and a forum to learn and to express their voice from their own life experience. For jKonrad his public message and mission are simple; challenge the paradigms of individuals to see their place within their cause for life rather than to see their cause as that which hides itself behind the membership, funding and bubble-building of weekly religious institutionalism and political and cultural tribalism.

jKonrad and his wife Lourdes, reside in Salinas California with their children Max, Sophia, Isabelle, Samson and Noah.

About the Book

Challenging individuals to find their true contribution for societal change a part from the solicitation and tribal loyalty to organized religion.

9/1/2015 4:00:00 AM
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