Praise for Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad

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The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World
By John Andrew Morrow

What People Are Saying

"This narrative has the power to unite Muslim and Christian communities. A work of scholarship, its release is timely, and its content critical in fostering mutual respect and religious freedom."
—Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Chairman, Cordoba Initiative

"In his indispensable contribution to the study of the Abrahamic faiths, John Andrew Morrow tells the story of how the Prophet Muhammad used his desert experiences of hospitality and protection to bring Muslims and Christians together. Morrow quotes the Prophet's instruction—as relevant today as in his time: 'With the People of the Book there is to be no strife.'"
—Joseph Hobbs, University of Missouri

"Today, we realize more than ever that either we will learn to live together like siblings, or we shall perish together like fools. These letters from the Prophet Muhammad to Christian communities can serve to inspire both Muslims and Christians about our ability to live together as God's people, as friends, as neighbors, and as custodians of the same small planet."
—Omid Safi, University of North Carolina

"This book documents what is possibly the third foundational source of Islam: the Prophet's treaties and covenants among people of the Abrahamic faiths. Dr. Morrow brings forth exceptionally important findings that dictate peaceful coexistence among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and includes multiple translations for comparison of how the Prophet and his followers treated Christians and Jews with respect and care, far beyond a mere tolerance."
—Bridget Blomfield, University of Nebraska

"With painstaking effort and much dedication invested in this groundbreaking work, Professor Morrow will surely manage to attract the attention of Islamic studies students and specialists. Indeed, the book is a genuine call for reconsidering the relationship among the three revealed Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam."
—Amar Sellam, Mohamed I University

"These covenants are not merely historical documents; they remain valid, binding covenants for all Muslims from the moment of their inception until the end of time. Dr. Morrow's work has illuminated a new horizon of Islamic public international law and promotes further scholarly investigation of the covenants."
—Hisham M. Ramadan, S.J.D., Kwantlen Polytechnic University

"The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad is a useful source for all those interested in the cultural and religious history of the Muslim world and the cultural relationship between Islam and Christianity. It will be very helpful in strengthening tolerance, goodwill, and better understanding between different civilizations; and it opens new horizons for further studies."
—Aida Gasimova, Baku State University

"One of the most important projects related to Muslim-Christian relations in recent decades."
—Zachary Markwith, Graduate Theological Union

"The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad is a timely, pioneering, and penetrating study that sheds much light on the thoughts and the policy of the Prophet Muhammad."
—Mohamed Elkouche, Mohamed I University

"This is a remarkable scholarly contribution: a collection of the covenants of the Prophet Muhammad, now made widely available. They form an integral part of his discourses, particularly because they concern non-Muslims, and mainly Christians."
—Muhammad-Reza Fakhr-Rohani, University of Qom

"Dr. Morrow, with his mastery of classical Arabic and versatile knowledge of the Islamic heritage, openly, and fearlessly, invites all scholars interested in Islam to reflect on a religion that welcomes dialogue and mutual understanding. His book should be on the shelf of every open-minded reader who seeks the truth about Islam."
Said Mentak, Mohammed I University

"John Andrew Morrow has done with this book what Martin Luther King Jr. did with his 'Letter from Birmingham Jail'—called people to account for straying from what they are purported to stand for. He is saying, 'Here are the covenants. Read them! Honor them, and honor the intent of the Prophet.'"
—Barbara Castleton, co-author of Arabic, Islam, and the Allah Lexicon

"The standards set by these treaties appear not only advanced for the time of the Prophet, they remain advanced in our own age."
Anna Maria Martelli, Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient

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