Resenting God

Escape the Downward Spiral of Blame

In our current social climate of growing distrust and escalation of hatred and personal losses, resentment and anger are on the rise. Resenting God offers the time-tested exit route from the lethal clutches of bitterness into a life of joyful faith and hope in a loving and gracious God. It exposes how resentment and disillusionment, leading inevitably to other destructive emotions, is a great deluder and is itself often based upon a great delusion—resentment against the Creator himself. We are blamers, and we blame God for life’s most painful and depressing experiences.  | read more»

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Reviews & Endorsements

“Many books have been dedicated to encouragement for hard moments, but what makes this one standout is Snyder's understanding of the anatomy of those low points. He offers mature, biblical, usable advice for believers who are ready to emerge from the valley into a new place in their faith."
“What binds the reader to the author is the common experience of resentment and its children, blame and anger, as well as their good friend revenge. This book is worth not just reading but discussing, praying over, and sharing. And for finding glory in God anew."

Resenting God - Book Trailer