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The Awakening of Hope
Why We Practice a Common Faith
By Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove


"This book is good news.  Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove reports gatherings in homes and in prisons and the inner city--all over the place.  This is a magnificent report on lived theology, not just theological ideas and truths, but storied theology, the kind that we find in our Scriptures."
—Eugene Peterson, translator of The Message

Phyllis Tickle"This is a superb and troubling book. The Awakening of Hope gives us the most complete statement to date of what the new monasticism is. To read it is to be rendered humble before the rugged vision that is being lived out here and I, as a lay Christian, am deeply grateful."
—Phyllis Tickle, author, Emergence Christianity: What It Is, Where It Is Going, and Why It Matters

"If you believe that being Christian is adopting a counter-cultural lifestyle, marked by a deep sense of community, then this book is for you.  It lets you know that you're not alone if you abandon an individualistic, consumeristic value system and commit to living in simple ways that are as ancient as the earliest days of the Church.

—Tony Campolo, Eastern University

"Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove has written a brilliant catechism of hope for our desperate, grace-filled time."
—James W. Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable


8/1/2012 4:00:00 AM
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