Praise for "The Story Luke Tells"

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The Story Luke Tells: Luke's Unique Witness to the Gospel
by Justo González

"It is wonderful to have one of our greatest current historians of Christianity writing about the church's first historian. Justo González introduces us to the heart and mind of Luke as a theological storyteller, revealing Luke's genius in writing a new history."

M. Craig Barnes — author of "The Pastor as Minor Poet"

"People and preachers love Luke — the powerful narrative, unforgettable parables, compelling personalities. González's fresh, new resource brings to the familiar words a scholar's insight and a historian's perspective … A highly readable and accessible book that will engage the mind and feed the spirit."

John M. Buchanan — editor and publisher of "The Christian Century"

"In this book Justo González invites us to explore Luke's Gospel and the book of Acts as twin volumes of the same masterwork. Like any experienced guide, González helps us see what we would otherwise miss: in his company, the journey into Luke's writings becomes even more engaging and enriching. Never again will I read Luke without drawing on González's insights, which now seem indispensable."

Martin B. Copenhaver — coauthor of "This Odd and Wondrous Calling"

"A crisply written primer on major themes and cultural contexts in Luke-Acts. González nicely presents the scope of Luke's work as a continuation of the story told in the Hebrew scriptures … The Story Luke Tells will entice readers to dig deeper and to think more broadly about Luke's vision of God's intended salvation through Israel's Messiah, Jesus."

Paul Borgman — author of "The Way according to Luke"

"A very enjoyable read … González is a winsome and gifted communicator, and he `holds his own' in the Biblical Studies arena. If you want to dip into Luke's theology and his message for the church today, this is a pretty good place to start."

Crux Sola

5/1/2015 4:00:00 AM
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