Read an Excerpt From "52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles"

I’ve studied long and hard, read and reread A Course in Miracles in its entirety many times, in fact, in order to be able to “occasionally” appreciate that the only sane response to someone else’s fear, regardless of how it is being manifested, is to be loving. An expression of love is the only thing that will pave the way for freedom from the awful sting of fear that is being expressed in any person’s anguished behavior. 

Making the choice to be loving, difficult though it may be, isn’t actually as hard as it may initially sound. I’m reminded of Mother Teresa’s gentle admonition to “be kind to everyone and start with the person standing next to you.” Making a decision to be kind or loving can happen with little or no planning. You just do it. You smile. You offer help. You remember that we, each one of us, are on assignment to be helpful to one another. That’s all. That’s absolutely all. It’s quite enough, actually.   

Reprinted with permission from Conari Press, 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles © 2016 by Karen Casey is available wherever books are sold, directly from the publisher at 1-800-423-7087 or at 

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