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The Chapels of Notre Dame

By Lawrence S. Cunningham
Photography by Matt Cashore

The Chapels of Notre Dame celebrates the university's unique identity as a Catholic academic community where faith is treasured and a life of worship and prayer is seen as a hallmark of education. This stunning, large-format collection of over two hundred full-color photographs brings to life the fifty-seven chapels located throughout Notre Dame's campus, many of which are tucked away in little-known settings.

Chapels are found in a number of academic buildings and in every residence hall. Mass is celebrated daily in some of these halls during term, and it is not uncommon to see students and staff stopping in them for moments of quiet meditation and prayer. The Chapels of Notre Dame captures these sanctuaries, as well as the older chapels, the apsidal chapels of the Basilica, and the Congregation of Holy Cross chapels. The text, by well-known Notre Dame professor Lawrence S. Cunningham, provides a picture of the worship in these chapels along with reflections on their traditions, history, architecture, and the artworks that adorn them. His brief descriptions evoke a powerful sense of presence, worship, and prayer.

Matt Cashore's dramatic photographs include the campus landscape, interiors and exteriors of the chapels, and people worshipping in varied seasons, lighting, and moods. For alumni who have participated in baptisms, weddings, anniversary celebrations, prayer services, and other liturgical rites on campus, The Chapels of Notre Dame will not disappoint. Prospective students, members of the Notre Dame family, and friends who have seen the university only from a distance will get an inside view of a unique, contemplative side of Notre Dame.

8/16/2012 4:00:00 AM
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