Praise for Arriving at Amen

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Arriving at Amen
Seven Catholic Prayers That Even I Can Offer 
By Leah Libresco
Foreword by Mark P. Shea

"Atheist convert Leah Libresco is well-known for her sharp mind, dogged curiosity, and fresh perspective on faith. 'Arriving at Amen' puts those gifts on full display. Her reflections on prayer and the spiritual journey are brilliant, unique, and utterly refreshing. With this book, Leah hasn't just arrived at Amen; she's arrived as one of the premier young, Catholic writers today."

Brandon Vogt
Author of "Saints and Social Justice"

"At once a conversion story and a practical treatise of the exploration of prayer, 'Arriving at Amen' is a surprising little gem of a book, so fresh and insightful it belies Leah Libresco's status as a recent convert to Catholicism. 'Arriving at Amen' literally made me gasp, because I suddenly realized I was holding a diamond; the most intellectually stimulating, humbling, and entertaining Catholic book I have read in a very, very long time."

Elizabeth Scalia
Catholic blogger and author of "Strange Gods"

"Direct, uncluttered, and full of spiritual insight, Leah Libresco's singularly helpful book is for anyone seeking a deeper and richer and more reflective life of faith."

R. R. Reno
Editor of "First Things"

"Leah Libresco's account of her journey of faith is a wonderful gift. Whether it's music or math, dancing or pottery, she uses personal experiences to show us how to develop a daily life of ever-deepening prayer. This book is a delight to read."

Scott Hahn
Bestselling author of "Angels and Saints"

"Reading Leah Libresco's book is like being taken on a tour of your home town by a brilliant, quirky guide who helps you see everything anew. 'Arriving at Amen' is a delightfully refreshing read that will help any Catholic see the Faith through new eyes."

Jennifer Fulwiler
Author of "Something Other Than God"

"'Arriving at Amen' is weird and winsome: a thoughtful and humble exploration of Catholic practice and prayer … This book will give you a new perspective on the faith."

Eve Tushnet
Author of "Gay and Catholic"

"'Arriving at Amen' is a wonderful and lucid preaching in geek tongues—a vivid journey through and toward Catholic faith guided by musicals, topology, Kant, mellified mummies, friends, and the Year's Best SF."

Max Gladstone
Author of "Full Fathom Five"

5/16/2015 4:00:00 AM
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