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Tweeting with God
#Big Bang, prayer, Bible, sex, Crusades, sin, career
by Michel Remery

About the Author
Fr. Michel Remery is a Dutch Catholic priest. After studying architecture at the university level, he worked for the Dutch Royal Air Force and then an engineering company in the Baltic States.

Later, after finishing his theological studies in Rome, he completed a dissertation at the

Pontifical Gregorian University on the relationship between liturgy and architecture. He was a member of an advisory commission for new media and youth at the Vatican Internet Service, and worked with young people and university students in Leiden, Netherlands. He is currently vice secretary general of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE).

About the Book
Pope Francis is one of the most popular and influential figures on Twitter, with more than 20 million followers worldwide. His messages of faith, hope and charity have resonated with Catholics and non-Catholics alike. But the question remains:

How can Catholics best connect with God and get answers to difficult questions about their faith? And is it possible to do so in social media culture that limits answers to 140-character tweets?

Father Michel Remery provides tweets to 200 daring questions from young people about God, faith and morality, in his new, international book, Tweeting with God:

#Big Bang, prayer, Bible, sex, Crusades, sin, career. Remery's tech-savvy approach is unique in that his responses are in tweets of 140 characters or less, and provide expanded explanations based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the bestselling YOUCAT, a youth catechism, and the Bible.

This book is ideal for:

- Young men and women who are curious about the Catholic faith.
- New Catholics and current catechumens.
- Anyone who wants to share his faith or freshen up his knowledge of the faith.
- Those who want to speak with others about the faith.

Remery shows how faith is logical, even in the 21st century; he introduces you to Jesus, shows you how to pray and explains the sacraments. He explores some of the more difficult chapters of Church history, and helps you to discover what it means to live a good and purposeful life. The book is interactive with a mobile-friendly companion app available through Google and iTunes.

Four prominent U.S. bishops wrote introductions to the book — Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York; Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, archbishop of San Francisco; Most Rev. Jose Gomez, archbishop of Los Angeles; and Most Rev. James Conley, the bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska.

"[Tweeting with God] combines the timeless teaching of our faith with the best of modern technology." – @CardinalDolan, archbishop of New York.

The free Tweeting with God (#TwGOD) app, which is the perfect complement to the book, is available via iTunes and Google Play.

The app has four main features: the standard texts of the Mass, a treasury of Catholic prayers, an extensive list of questions and a scan feature for users with access to the book. In addition, the #TwGOD app offers a continually changing selection of interesting Tweets, and offers readers of the book an instant means to connect to YOUCAT, the wildly popular youth catechism.

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