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Burden Lifters:
Every Woman's Daily Guide to a Healthy, Happy Life
By Michele Howe

About the Book
What is it that keeps you afloat? What do you rely on to hold you steady when everything threatens to pull you under? In Burden Lifters: Every Woman's Daily Guide to a Healthy, Happy Life, author Michele Howe offers women of all walks of life a generous supply of buoyant, faith-full, healthy-living guidance for everyday life. Utilizing real examples of other women who have triumphed over hardship, hurts, and disappointment, Burden Lifters engages women's hearts and minds while teaching them to rely on the truth of God's Word.

About the Author
Michele Howe is a reviewer for Publishers Weekly, FaithfulReader.com, Retailers + Resources, Foreword Magazine, TeenReads.com, and KidReads.com, among many other national and international publications. She has published over 1600 articles and has been featured on numerous radio shows across the country, speaking on topics such as parenting and women's health issues. Her work has been published in MORE, FIRST for Women, Good Housekeeping, SheKnows.com, BettyConfidential, HelloWorld, Christianity Today, Discipleship Journal, Midwest Living, Parentlife, Fullfill, Christian Single, Single Parent Family, Focus on the Family, PRISM, and Connections. She also does copywriting and manuscript reviewing for several publishing houses, including New Growth Press. Michele is the author of thirteen books for women. You can visit Michele's website here.

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