Praise for "Burden Lifters"

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Burden Lifters:
Every Woman's Daily Guide to a Healthy, Happy Life
By Michele Howe

"Who doesn't have burdens they want lifted? Nobody I know. That's why Michele Howe's Burden Lifters comes at just the right time for me (and for you). Take a moment each day to read how God's amazing promise to 'lift every burden' can be made real to you. Find out how, day-by-day, burdens can be cast away."

Hope Egan
Author of What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook

"Who among us doesn't have burdens to bear? In her new book Burden Lifters, Michele Howe demonstrates through heartwarming personal examples how life's little and not-so-little burdens are the stuff of life—the stuff that helps us grow in spirit, mind, and body. For each burden, Michele gives us a call to action that empowers us with Holy Power so we can serve others with dignity and grace. You've done it again, Michele. Thank you for being so real!"

Jory Fisher, J.D.
Coach, Mentor, Speaker

"If you are looking for personal encouragement or if you long to help others who hurt, read Burden Lifters. Michele Howe has given us a book that reads like a devotional about every area of need in a woman's life, but it also provides resources that propel the reader in the direction of positive, focused action steps. I love this book!"

Carol Kent
Author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

"Encouragement. I love the word. It comes from the core word courage. And that is exactly what Burden Lifters will bring to your soul. Howe writes though the eyes of grace to the weary and fainthearted. Her words are deeply moving and more than informational—her words are transformational. She teaches us what fearless living looks like—a life that is a little more courageous, kinder, and braver."

Tammy Hanson Maltby
Author of The God Who Sees You

"Life on earth is woven with a tapestry of joy and hardships. In her newest book, Michele Howe shares some raw personal experiences to confirm she knows what hardship feels like. There are relatable stories about anything you've had to endure, from financial issues to parenting to health problems and much more. Additionally, she walks us through the weighted journey, guiding us to the 'light' side, where Jesus lifts each burden. Engaging, helpful and uplifting."

Diane Markins
Author and Host of "Bold Living" radio show

"Michele Howe has written a thought-provoking and powerful book. Michele manages to convey the age-old message of hope, trust and faith in the midst of burdensome storms through an engaging and optimistic style of writing that leaves the reader feeling uplifted and hopeful. Each chapter shares a 'lift my burden prayer' that is comforting and helps the reader express those hidden feelings embedded deep in our hearts. Burden Lifters is a book of un-measurable love, courage and faith in the center of life's challenges. Michele Howe's book is a treasure and a must-read for anyone who has dealt with the tumultuous burdens of life."

Lynnis Woods-Mullins
Host of "The Wellness Journey—LIVE!" talk show

"Honest and intimate, Michele Howe shares personal snapshots depicting the wrangling of weighty trials that deepen hope, build character, exercise endurance, grow compassion and hone community. She succinctly exemplifies how burdens confronted, experienced, and traversed surprisingly lead to healthier, happier lives."

Rhonda Owens
Freelance writer and contributor to

"Burden Lifters encouraged me, challenged me, and comforted me as I read Michele Howe's wise and often vulnerable words. I highly recommend spending 30 days with this book as your companion and allowing God, through Michele's daily encouragements, to lift a few of your burdens."

Ginny L. Yttrup
Award-winning author of Words

"I loved Burden Lifters! Michele Howe writes with the kind of easy, authentic style that makes you feel like you're having an intimate conversation with a good friend. She's written a beautiful book that somehow manages to load you up with wisdom, yet leave you feeling lighter. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels weighed down by life or wants to better understand how to help relieve the burdens of others."

Heather Kopp
Blogger at and author of Sober Mercies

8/4/2015 4:00:00 AM
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