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Moments and Days:
How Our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith
by Michelle Van Loon

About the Book

Michelle Van Loon helps us treasure our time as a gift and a spiritual responsibility, and God as faithfully present in all our moments and days.

People rarely slow down to experience their days, and so they feel rushed through life even as they begin to suspect that life lacks significance. By introducing (and reintroducing) us to the feasts and festivals of the Bible, as well as the special celebrations of the Christian calendar, Moments and Days restores a sacred sense of time throughout our year, enriching our experience of each "holy day" and enlivening our experience of even the most "ordinary time."

About the Author

Since coming to faith in Christ at the tail end of the Jesus Movement, Michelle Van Loon's heritage, spiritual hunger and storyteller's sensibilities have shaped her faith journey and informed her writing.

She is the author of several books, has contributed to several devotional projects, is a Patheos blogger, has penned articles, and written plays for the educational market.

She has served on the staff of a Milwaukee-area non-denominational church, at Trinity International University and with the former Christ Together Chicago, an organization that linked over 70 evangelical congregations across Chicago in local mission. She does freelance communications work for several not-for-profit ministries and churches in the Chicago area as well as one headquartered in Jerusalem.

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