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Abba's Heart
Finding Our Way Back to the Father's Delight
by Neal Lozano, Matthew Lozano

About the Book

Dad, do you love me?

It's a question that haunts the deepest parts of our hearts. We bury ourselves in pursuits big and small, afraid to face the shame, unworthiness or loneliness echoing in the silence of a question unasked. Yet something in us needs to know. We long to feel that we are unconditionally, extravagantly, irresistibly loved.

This book is your invitation to experience that lavish love finally and fully. In these pages you will begin a journey of discovering the good news Jesus revealed: that the Father loves you. You will uncover the lies that have kept you from Him and from His mercy. And you will sense the incredible joy of the strength, acceptance and love flowing from His heart into yours.

You are loved. You are accepted. You are home.

About Neal Lozano

Neal Lozano is the founder and executive director of Heart of the Father Ministries, a worldwide healing and deliverance ministry that presents a five-key prayer model known as Unbound. He has a master's in religious education and has authored several books, including the Will You Bless Me? children's series.

Neal and his wife, Janet, live in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. They have four grown sons and ten grandchildren.

About Matthew Lozano

Matthew Lozano is the director of leadership development for Heart of the Father Ministries. He holds an M.A. in both theology and educational leadership. A former high school educator, he now uses his passion for teaching to train others who want to partner with Jesus to set the captives free. Matthew and his wife, Jennifer, have four children and live in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

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