Praise for The Heart of Buddhist Meditation

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The Heart of Buddhist Meditation
The Buddha's Way of Mindfulness
By Nyanaponika Thera
Foreword by Sylvia Boorstein

What People are Saying

"This is the book that started it all—the book that, with great clarity and ardor, introduced Vipassana and mindfulness to the West. I still have and cherish my dog-eared, heavily underlined and annotated copy from way back when—with the price tag still on it: $3.00. Of course its content is timeless—and universal. All teachers of mindfulness-based programs would do well to carefully read and re-read this book and reflect upon it."
—Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Mindfulness for Beginners and Full-Catastrophe Living

"The Heart of Buddhist Meditation is a work of unique importance in the literature about meditation. It is written with great depth, extraordinary knowledge, deep humanity, and in a style that is simple and direct. Although written from the Buddhist thinking, it is of equal value to the non-Buddhist reader. I highly recommend it to anyone who is seriously concerned with self-development.

—Dr. Erich Fromm

"An appreciated contribution to the development of Buddhism in the West."
Karuna: A Journal of Buddhist Meditation

"It's wonderful to see this new edition of an invaluable, classic meditation guide. Nyanaponika Thera's The Heart of Buddhist Meditation is sure to benefit many."
—Sharon Salzberg, Co-Founder of The Insight Meditation Society

7/16/2014 4:00:00 AM
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