Death Is an Illusion: A Q&A With Author Peter Baldwin Panagore

My purpose is to speak and to give comfort and hope to those who fear death. Storytelling is my purpose, speaking the truth of God's love is my purpose. Speaking of God's forgiveness and love, and proclamation that all is well, all was well, and all will be well in death because of God's great love for each and all of us. Have no fear. God is love. I take care of those who come to me and are like me, are Near Death Experiencers, who are struggling with being here. There is always talk of suicide, or the desire to return to God and the conflict of knowing of one's creator. I am here to help. I did not get to live the life that I would have lived had I not died. I would have been a different person. A blind person in the world of the blind—and I think, that is a preferred state here because if I was blind then I would blend in and not feel alien.

Are you a bodhisattva?

I have been called a bodhisattva and an avatar. Am I? I am not from here so how can I know? My orientation, my mind, my heart, my soul, my thoughts, all face God and I am alive on God's behalf. I don't know what I am other than I belong to God, do the best I can here to help others find their way Home, and long for Home myself. I know that I am from heaven, but so are you. I think all NDEers feel this way and think this way. My time here, like your time here, is limited to the length of the wink of God's eye. Time is an illusion, and so is life and death. No one has much time here. It's better to make the best of it; and the best of it is to live love and be loved.

What hope can you give today, right now, in this world full of personal and global suffering?

All is well. All has always been well. All will be well because of God's love. Life, as the Buddha said, is suffering, and suffering ends because it too is an illusion, the Love of God is Real and Eternal and God is Real. Your soul is real. God loves you now and always in a way so far beyond your ability to sense or see while you are here. It doesn't matter to me if you believe me or not. You will see for yourself on the day of your death that God is Love, even if you have to be cleansed by the fire as I was, and that this world is a transitory one and we are pedestrians walking over the bridge of life. We come from heaven, as Jesus indicated in the Gospel of Thomas, and to heaven we return. Have hope, trust God, believe, and love. Endure. Love and have fun while you can. Be kind. Show compassion. It all passes away, and that is good news because on the other side of the door of death true Life awaits.

We have heard that you love science? Is there a contradiction between faith and science?

Not for me! I have no faith, nor belief, in God, as I have said. I don't have to believe in my car for it to be real. I don't have to have faith that my car exists. My car is real even if I choose to believe it is not real. God is like that for me and for all Near Death Experiencers. How can I claim that? Easily. You just ask the next one you meet. As for science, I think that astrophysicists are the theologians of our day. They are the ones asking the big important questions: what are we made of, where are we from, how old is the universe, are there more universes, how many galaxies are there, and how many suns and planets are there? Is there life out there? On a quantum level what are we made of? What's the Higgs Boson? How does it work? Can we build a star ship and travel in subspace? How old is earth? Is it 8,000 years old as literalists claim or is it 4.5 billion years old? Did humans pop into existence 6,000 years ago or did we evolve and interbreed with Neanderthals and where is the genetic evidence? There is evidence of that and all the rest I've mentioned and more. And will this monumental change impact Christian views of Genesis, and the mythology of the bible? What is myth? That's a good question. We should talk about that.

10/16/2015 4:00:00 AM
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