Praise for Letters to an Atheist

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Letters to an Atheist
Wrestling with Faith

By Peter Kreeft

What People Are Saying

"[A] thoughtful defense of theism."
— Library Journal

"As ever, Peter Kreeft models the very best of Christian apologetics: he wants to win the atheist not the argument. Believers will learn a ton from this book; atheists, even more."
— Patrick Coffin, author and host of Catholic Answers Live

"Kreeft's latest book is profound yet chatty, brilliant yet warm and humorous. It is studded with new perspectives. A great gift for atheists but also for sceptics and doubters."
— Ronda Chervin, former atheist; Holy Apostles College and Seminary

"In the course of these 'letters' to a smart young atheist, Dr. Kreeft addresses most of the principal philosophical objections to God's existence. His communiques are witty, friendly, deeply intelligent, and appropriately challenging. I would warmly recommend this book to anyone struggling to believe in God."
— Fr. Robert Barron, author, speaker, and theologian; founder of the global media ministry Word on Fire (

10/16/2014 4:00:00 AM
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