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Fight: A Christian Case for Nonviolence
By Preston Sprinkle

About the Book

The bold new book from New York Times best-selling author Preston Sprinkle is a tour de force that tackles the topic of violence and how Christians should respond.

In a unique narrative approach, Sprinkle begins by looking at how the story of God as a whole portrays violence and war, drawing conclusions that guide the reader through the rest of the book. With urgency and precision, he navigates hard questions and examines key approaches to violence, driving every answer back to Scripture.

Drawing from his expansive theological background, research, and countless interviews, Preston addresses questions and issues such as these:

  1. How God's desire for nonviolent peace remains the ideal—even when confronting injustice and enmity
  2. How to reconcile what seems like a vengeful, wrathful God of the Old Testament with the forgiving, nonviolent Christ of the New Testament who tells his followers to 'turn the other cheek' (Matthew 5:39) and 'love your enemies' (Matthew 5:44).
  3. Does taking a role of nonviolence leave us privately and nationally without defense? How should America defend herself against aggression?
  4. What Scripture teaches about Capital Punishment
  5. Should Christians Kill in Self-Defense?
  6. What is meant by the Just War Theory?

Fight: A Christian Case for Nonviolence is biblically rooted, theologically coherent, and prophetically challenging. It is a defining work that will stir discussions for years to come. Ultimately, Sprinkle challenges the church to "walk in a manner worthy of our calling" and shape our lives on the example of Christ.

About the Author

Preston Sprinkle is a professor, speaker, and author. He teaches Bible at Eternity Bible College in Simi Valley, CA, and formerly taught at Cedarville University (OH) and Nottingham University (U.K.). He is the author of several academic books and articles, along with the New York Times bestselling book Erasing Hell, co-authored by Francis Chan. Preston is married to Christine and they together have four children.

8/1/2013 4:00:00 AM
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