Praise for Maximus

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Maximus: A Novel
By Richard L. Black

"This is a powerful novel on a grand scale with some of the great Biblical epics of the past. Sweeping motivations and grueling battles, both emotional and physical, fill its pages."
Meridian Magazine

"A fresh viewpoint gives a new perspective to this age-old narrative, that I have not previously seen. Painstaking research made this well-known story an exceptional Debut novel."
Goodreads Review

"I have never read a story like this. This book is definitely one I would recommend to many."
Goodreads Review

"I found the book to be highly addictive, some scenes almost breathtaking in their portrayal."
NetGalley Review

"Couldn't put it down! This story grabbed me right from the beginning and took me on a thought provoking journey!"
Deseret Book Review

3/16/2015 4:00:00 AM
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