Suggested Book Club Questions for "10 Prayers You Can't Live Without"

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10 Prayers You Can't Live Without
How to Talk to God About Everything
By Rick Hamlin

-Was there a special prayer you recited before meals when you were a child? Write down or share a special memory associated with this prayer or with another grace you remember from your youth.

-Why do we refer to the good things in our lives as blessings?

-If you could use only ten words to describe prayer, what would those words be?

-How do you incorporate prayer into your daily routine?

-How important do you think it is to pray for other people?

-What is your earliest memory of prayer the Lord's Prayer?

-What role has music played in your faith journey? Write down or share a favorite music-related memory from your past.

-Do you have a favorite hymn? What about it speaks to your heart and mind? Sing it or read it out loud.

-Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? For the next week, try writing down three things every day for which you're grateful.

-Do you spend more time asking God for things you want or thanking God for the things God has given you?

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