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Sacred Fire
A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity
By Ronald Rolheiser

Discussion Questions

Ronald Rolheiser's contemporary classic book The Holy Longing turns 15 years old in 2014. Used for years to challenge the depths of our soul, this book has shaped and influenced the lives of countless people seeking to better understand their faith. Now, Father Rolheiser continues his search for an accessible and penetrating Christian spirituality in the highly anticipated follow-up to The Holy Longing in his brand new book Sacred Fire.

He asks and answers the question: "How do I live beyond my own heartaches, headaches, and obsessions so as to help make other peoples' lives more meaningful?" and re-frames discipleship within a contemporary context and language that is practical for Christians in today's world. Ultimately, he demonstrates how identifying and embracing three specific stages of the spiritual life will lead to new heights of spiritual awareness.

Read the first chapter of Sacred Fire by clicking here. Download the discussion questions for individual reflection or group use by clicking here.

3/16/2014 4:00:00 AM
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