Praise for "When You, Then God"

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When You, Then God
7 Things God Is Waiting to Do In Your Life
By Rusty George, with Michael Defazio

"The last thing this world needs is just another self-improvement book. That's why I'm so excited about When You, Then God. Rusty George writes with an urgency to awaken all who are simply coasting through life. If you just want to live an ordinary life, with God as a side dish, then don't pick up this book. In When You, Then God, you will be reminded anew of the power and purpose of our great God. It is refreshingly inspirational and challenging at the same time."

Pete Wilson
Senior pastor of Cross Point Church, Nashville, Tennessee

"Rusty George is a tremendous leader and a powerful voice for what it means to walk in faith in today's complicated world. In this book, Rusty's transparency will move you to experience more of God and his incredible hope in life."

Jud Wilhite
Senior pastor of Central Christian Church, Las Vegas, and author of Pursued

"This book is a gift to those who find their spiritual life exhausting. For twenty years, I spun plates and juggled oranges like a crazy woman, trying to make God happy. It was only when everything fell that I discovered the profound truth that Rusty outlines in this powerful book: God simply loves being with you—as you are, right now. Together, you might even change the world."

Sheila Walsh
Author of Five Minutes with Jesus

"One of the most overlooked principles in Scripture is the simple fact that how we respond to God actually matters. The Bible is filled with if/then statements that somehow get turned into blanket promises and empty threats. In When You, Then God, Rusty George unpacks many of the most important, most forgotten, and most misunderstood conditional statements in Scripture."

Larry Osborne
Author, pastor of North Coast Church, Vista, California

"Rusty George is the real deal, a humble and sincere follower of Jesus. In this book, he vulnerably shares some of his greatest discoveries—not about serving God, but about knowing God and embracing God's love deeply, personally, and transformationally. It was life changing for Rusty, and it will be for you, too."

Gene Appel

"Senior pastor of Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, California Rusty is fluent in the language of freedom, and he offers a map to every reader seeking a grace-filled journey toward hope. The pages of this book will lead you into the parts of your head and heart that need to be explored if you are to experience the life that Jesus died to give you. By the end of the book, you'll find the rest you've been looking for."

Jon Weece
Author of Me Too

"Sensible. Encouraging. And, best of all, biblical. Rusty has written an easy-to-read, very practical book that I believe will be helpful to the body of Christ. You'll be challenged and set free to walk closer to your Savior."

Ron Edmondson
Senior pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Lexington, Kentucky

4/16/2016 4:00:00 AM
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