Helping a World Gone Mad: Q&A With Sarah Harding

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Rise Catholic Women
You Hold the Key
By Sarah Harding

Q. Why did you write "Rise Catholic Women"?

A. The bottom line is people are out there in a world gone mad and instead of stepping up to the plate to help them know God, we seem to be making it extremely difficult for them to do this.

Q. What inspired you? 

A. A Priest friend gave me a book about women in the bible and how their importance wasn't adequately shown because only men wrote the bible.

Q. How do you compare this to the role of women in the church today? 

A. Upon researching the role of Catholic women I was astounded by what I discovered. We have even less importance today and none at the decision making level.

Q. Would the church function better if Priests could marry?

A. One third have left to marry. Priests and Popes were married until the 14th century.

Q. What would help the Catholic Church to attract more people?

A. It would be a real gateway for them to relax the rules on divorce and contraception.

Q. What surprised you most from writing this book?


What surprised me most was those who read it told me that they became closer to God.That I wrote from the heart like I was sitting next to them and talking.

6/15/2015 4:00:00 AM
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