Colliding with Destiny: Read an Excerpt

Ruth knew that sometimes it's our silent heartaches, the ones that bring tears to our eyes and make us want to drown the pain, that often separate us from others. But she also knew the faithfulness of her Lord, the ways He transformed her pain into His perfection. The trials that Ruth endured on the way to her collision with destiny offer hope to each of us. Whether what has broken you can be seen by the world or is a silent burden you whisper in your pillowcase at night, God can still use your struggle to propel you to your destiny!

Ruth's story has inspired me to share with you a thirty-day devotional to help aid you on your journey of colliding with divine destiny. It is my prayer that this devotional will release clues from God that lead you back to Him like never before. It is my hope that your spirit will be refreshed, uplifted, and upheld as you move forward to the treasure that awaits you.


While studying the book of Ruth, I was reminded that God can restore life's most damaging collisions. In my time with Ruth, I learned that survival is so much more than a perky smile and dozens of friends. It's more than pretending to have it all together on the outside. Survival just means you do what you can with what you have left. And trust that God will do the rest.

Whether your heart has been broken because love had a devastating ending for you or your body has been ravaged by a painful disease, this book is for you. Or maybe you have a past you feel you can't escape. Maybe you're trying to reinvent yourself after life has dealt you its hardest blow. Maybe each day is an excruciating battle with depression. Maybe you're surrounded by other people while suffering the inner loneliness of not belonging. No matter what it is, you will have something in common with Ruth.

Imagine yourself being free. Bright-eyed, three-year-old Makenzie/Laila Ali free. Imagine looking at the size of life's battles without fear. What if you trust me and begin to believe that the barrier that blocked you from your destiny can be the platform God uses to propel you into your destiny? No longer will you be ruled by an imperfect past, difficult present, or grim future.

Think you'll have to be superwoman to do it? Spend thousands of dollars and dozens of years to get there? Learn eight languages to understand it? You're wrong!

I can show you one woman who faced many trials. Some because of the decisions she made and others because she was a victim to the choices of others. Still, she found a way to continue on her journey.

Survival can be a tricky road. It can be difficult to remember why we must press forward. Life can numb us so much we no longer want to remember who we are. If you're reading this book, it's because you want to remember. You want to try and to survive again.

You want to believe that there is life after the memories . . . the pain . . . the rumors . . . and the lies. You want to get through today trusting that tomorrow will be better. You don't know how you'll keep going, only that you can't stop now. If these ring true, then you are on the same journey of survival that became the red carpet for Ruth's coming-out party.

Can you feel it? God is already beginning to restore you. With His help, please allow me to guide you through the story of Ruth so that you, too, can experience your collision with destiny.

9/1/2014 4:00:00 AM