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Jesus Outside the Lines
A Way Forward for Those Who Are Tired of Taking Sides

By Scott Sauls

"Jesus Outside the Lines is a refreshing look at discipleship in our late modern times. While it's impossible to cover all the possible topics, Scott's book is still surprisingly comprehensive and readable at the same time. He seamlessly weaves together theology, cultural critique, Christian ethics, and character formation in each chapter. The result is a picture of Christian living that should be attractive to believers and to many skeptics as well."
Timothy Keller, senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City, and author of  The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism

"As people who have wrestled much with God's habit of redemptively coloring outside the lines in our own lives and experience, we are so grateful for the wisdom, care, and honesty with which our friend and pastor Scott Sauls has approached this subject in this book."
Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, five-time Grammy winner and orphan-care advocates

"Scott Sauls gives us a compelling vision for how to follow the real Jesus in real life. Jesus Outside the Lines is a guide to living in the fullness of God's kingdom here on earth that helps followers of Jesus love both God and the world around them."
Darrin Patrick, author, lead pastor of The Journey Church in St. Louis, Missouri, and vice president of the Acts 29 Network

"Scott Sauls is a refreshing voice, seasoned with maturity and grace regarding the complex issues of our time. He tackles topics that have long created division with such heartfelt hope that I'm more encouraged than ever about the future of the church."
Rebekah Lyons, cofounder of Q and author of  Freefall to Fly

"As a public official, I am often painfully aware of the church's tendency to want to paint lines that divide rather than drawing pictures of a life-giving Savior. As an exemplary model of speaking truth in love, Scott is a refreshing alternative to this. I am among many who have the privilege of trying to figure out how to do this alongside him."
Gov. Bill Haslam, governor of Tennessee

"I used to wonder why my dear friend Scott Sauls wasn't already a published author, for I've learned so much from my younger brother. But I'm glad he waited. Jesus Outside the Lines isn't a first book; it's more like fine wine, distilled wisdom, and the vintage aroma of grace. Thank you, Scott, for showing me that Christianity is both true and beautiful; that I matter, but that I'm not the point; that the family of God is bigger than my favorite tribe in the family; that contextualizing the gospel isn't compromising the gospel; that God loves the world, not just people in the world; that Jesus isn't nervously pacing the corridors of heaven, he's actively making all things new. Thank you, Scott, for reminding me the gospel is so much bigger and better than I can imagine."
Scotty Smith, founder of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, and author of Everyday Prayers

"Scott Sauls has given me fresh hope in this thoughtful and lively book, Jesus Outside the Lines. He describes hope as imagining God's future into the present and does just that. He gives us a new way of relating to each other inside the church—especially on divisive topics related to our politics and commitments—in hopes of sweeter aroma to those who don't know Jesus. And he prods us to engage the issues of the world we live in—poverty, abortion, sexual freedom, and selfish ambition, to name a few—with humility and love. It's so easy to be discouraged by the broken state of the church and the world, but Scott reminds us that God's once-and-for-all restoration project has already begun. We only need to believe that gospel!"
Katherine Leary Alsdor, founder and director emeritus, Redeemer Center for Faith & Work, and co-author of Every Good Endeavor

"My pastor and friend, Scott Sauls, thoughtfully challenges the instinct to retreat or compromise when perspectives collide. With grace and humility, he calls us to press in and engage those whose perspectives are different than our own. If you are weary of the pressure to choose sides and declare an enemy, Jesus Outside the Lines will show you a refreshingly different path."
Troy Tomlinson, president and CEO of Sony ATV Music Nashville

"The 'conform or else' mentality of our late modern culture is disheartening, lamentable, and transgressive to human flourishing. Yet the root of the problem isn't out there in our culture, but in here in our hearts. In Jesus Outside the Lines, Scott Sauls is authentic and vulnerable as he wisely and gently reminds us of our brokenness and shows us how the power and beauty of the gospel can heal us, from the inside out."
Bethany Jenkins, founder of the Park Forum and director of the Gospel Coalition's "Every Square Inch"

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