Praise for "Jewish–Christian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity"

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Jewish–Christian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity
Seven Twentieth-Century Converts
By Shalom Goldman

"Jewish–Christian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity: Seven Twentieth-Century Converts offers a highly learned and intelligent analysis on important moments in the history of the encounters between Christianity and Judaism and the spiritual and communal journeys of individuals of both faiths in the twentieth century. Goldman has done a superb job of bringing to light important episodes of conversion to and from Judaism in the twentieth century, as well as reconstructing the historical eras and circumstances in which they had taken place. This is a fascinating and rich text, handled with great expertise and sensitivity." —Yaakov Ariel, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Shalom Goldman has once again looked at the margins of Jewish identity in the world and produced a significant and fascinating book. Jewish–Christian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity: Seven Twentieth-Century Converts explores the much discussed and vexing question of 'Who is a Jew?' through seven twentieth-century examples of conversion into and out of Judaism and points out that there is no simple answer. In the process, he touches on the whole range of religious and secular rulings and prejudices to highlight the social dilemmas of Jews in the modern world. For anyone who is Jewish or lives in a community where there are Jews, this book is an eye-opening, informative, well-researched, and important must-read." —Gordon D. Newby, Emory University

7/1/2016 4:00:00 AM
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