Praise for Five Stones

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Five Stones
Conquering Your Giants
By Shane Stanford and R. Brad Martin

What People Are Saying

"There is no better way to learn and grow than from storytelling and life experiences. Five Stones provides both and is a unique blend of biblical and personal stories about giants we all have or will probably confront and how to handle them successfully. A must read written by two outstanding leaders."
Gary Shorb, President and CEO, Methodist Healthcare

"Using the age old story of David and Goliath as a conceptual platform, Brad Martin and Reverend Shane Stanford's uplifting and pragmatic new work, Five Stones, reveals a clear, direct and boldly insightful look into the face of life's difficulties, and provides a scripture-based "training guide," to help people from all walks of life take on and vanquish their own "giants" of adversity and struggle."
—John Hunter, Inventor of the World Peace Game

"Shane and Brad have written an inspiring and practical book for anyone battling giants in their life or organization."
Adam Hamilton, NY Times Bestselling author, 'Why?' and Preacher, National Prayer Service, 2012 Presidential Inauguration

"Having personally known and been inspired by Shane Stanford for twenty years, I am familiar with some of the giants he has faced in his life and ministry. With keen insights, personal experiences, and spiritual depth, he and Brad Martin have crafted a helpful resource for all of us. Building on basic principles through devotional time and discipline, this book will be a valuable guide for facing and defeating the "giants" of our lives."
—Bishop Larry Goodpaster, Charlotte Area UMC and Former President, UMC Council of Bishops

"A towering guide to life's biggest challenges, with an inspiring solution to turn any adversity into opportunity."
—William C. Moyers, author of Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption

"The collaboration of two exceptional leaders, Shane Stanford and Brad Martin, to develop Five Stones shows their deep commitment to their faith and their desire to help others navigate their lives. The story of David and Goliath plays out daily for each of us and Shane and Brad's work provides a framework for embracing those encounters."
—Bill Rhodes, Chairman & CEO, AutoZone (a Fortune 500 Company)

"Brad Martin and Shane Stanford have partnered to create a great work of compassion, counsel, faith and action. Read this book and you will realize that you have experienced a training manual for a spiritual boot camp! It will touch your heart, stimulate your mind, and re-shape your soul. If this is your only read of the year, don't miss this book!"
—Don Hutson, co-author of the #1 New York Times Best-seller The One-Minute Entrepreneur and CEO of U. S. Learning, Memphis, TN

"This is not just a leadership book. Certainly, It is that in an excellent way, but it is also far more. It is a book for everyone who needs help living in the daily grind. Both authors are personal friends who have contributed immensely to my own five smooth stones of life. This is not theoretical as is too much we are given to read. No abstractions here. The message of the Five Stones has been lived. What a delight it is to receive the same powerful guidance from a preacher and a layman! These men walk the talk and you will feel their heartbeat and passion for vibrant wholeness and life that really matters."
—Dr. Maxie Dunnam, President Emeritas, Asbury Seminary and Senior Pastor Emeritas, Christ UMC, Memphis

"Brad Martin and Shane Stanford are uniquely gifted and successful men and their insights and personal transparency in writing Five Stones: Conquering Your Giants they've provided a powerful guide that will encourage you, teach you and lift your spirit - it did mine!"
—Ken Edmundson, author of ShortTrack CEO and Listen! You're Trying to Tell You Something and Chairman Emeritus of The LEDIC Management Group

8/16/2013 4:00:00 AM
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