Praise for "Sacred America, Sacred World"

"The American Dream used to mean something. With the heartfelt inspiration and practical wisdom offered in Stephen's book, it can once again. Read this book if you are an advocate for not just rebuilding America but for truly making the world holy. Sacred America, Sacred World opens doorways and pathways into the world we have barely believed possible, and it is time now to make that dream real. In many ways, this powerful book is the answer to our prayers." —Marcia Wieder, CEO of The Meaning Institute and bestselling author of DREAM

"Sacred America, Sacred World is a clarion call of hope. It conveys Stephen Dinan's spiritually inspired vision for America's political and cultural evolution. Steeped in the values of the left, he has come to understand an evolutionary vision of cultural change in which both Left and Right play enduring roles in the dialectic of progress, for which both must evolve. He offers an intimate, heartfelt confession of his sacred spiritual intuition in a way that speaks to the highest values of conservatives and radicals alike. Thoughtful, readable, original, and highly recommended!" —Terry Patten, founder of Bay Area Integraland author of Integral Life Practice

"Sacred America, Sacred World could not be more timely. It is profoundly courageous in penetrating the cloud of so-called 'realism' that keeps from dreaming a new dream for our country. It inspires and challenges each of us to look at our own beliefs and behavior that make us part of the problem rather than helping to birth the solutions. Stephen is also profoundly courageous in engaging with our greatest moral and political challenges—from income inequality and terrorism to racism and genocide. Both Stephen and his book meet these challenges with that all-too-rare combination of tough-mindedness and open heart." —Robert Gass, executive coach

"Dinan provides an alluring future vision for the new American dream! This is a call to move beyond labels or political affiliations in order to assemble as evolutionary citizens. Sacred America, Sacred World provides an open exploration of how to truly serve the collective whole in a way that works better for everybody." —Yanik Silver, author Evolved Enterprise and founder of Maverick1000

"I loved this book! Stephen Dinan is finally illuminating how politics can elevate America. This book takes us on a journey of hope and change, one not focused just on externals but on how we can unite our country as a whole to bring forth our best from within." —Sister Jenna, radio host and director of Brahma Kumaris, Washington, D.C.

"Reading Sacred America, Sacred World is like plugging into an evolutionary dynamo for the betterment of our precious country. It positively crackles with creativity, insight, unflinching analysis, and vision both sublime and practical. This 'Common Sense' from a fiercely patriotic, 21st-century Tom Paine is a must read for forward-thinking Americans of all parties and persuasions." —Saniel Bonder, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality™ and author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split

"Read Sacred America, Sacred World. Like breaking in new shoes, Dinan's prescription may be uncomfortable at first. But my prayer is that it can empower a seismic shift in perspective from focusing on one's own life to centering rightly on the good of our country and our world." —Gayle S. Rose, CEO of EVS Corporation

"This book is simply beautiful, wise, and brilliantly conceived. It is a work of intellectual prowess, leavened with heart and wisdom that calls us to a new American Dream. It inspires hope for higher possibilities in our nation and the world." —J. Manuel Herrera, Silicon Valley elected official

"We live in a sacred 'web of life,' with intricate connections that indigenous peoples have honored and respected for millennia. We are interdependent with everyone and everything. Stephen Dinan's call to embrace that interdependence in a new era of democracy is core to healing our country and our world. Thank you, Stephen, for sharing this vision for a sacred world and for this timely message to us all." —Betsy Hall McKinney, founder and CEO of It's Time Network

"Stephen Dinan lays out a compelling vision for a nation and world with the political, economic, and social conditions needed to bring lasting peace and prosperity. And he advocates a clear path. Sacred America, Sacred World is a must-read for all those who yearn for a brighter tomorrow." —Steve Farrell, worldwide executive director, Humanity's Team

"If the Founding Fathers could have written a book about the United States in contemporary times, this would be it." —Walter Semkiw, MD, author of Return of the Revolutionaries

"I am sitting here crying and cannot begin to express how touched I was by everything you wrote and how proud I am of the person you have become and your vision for our country and world.

It is the best book I have ever read!!" —Mom

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