Praise for Better

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How Jesus Satisfies the Search for Meaning
By Tim Chaddick, with Craig Borlase

Tim Chaddick's Better is an important call to seek after God, as well as an insightful commentary on today's media-obsessed culture. With characteristic passion and wit, Chaddick unpacks the book of Ecclesiastes for the modern leader and reader, engaging the hard questions and many paradoxes found in this Old Testament book. Here is a work stocked full of ancient wisdom for this age of seekers, skeptics, and young visionaries. Don't miss it!
—Brad Lomenick

Tim Chaddick has written an important book. Not simply because it highlights the beauty of Jesus, but because it unmasks the temptations and distractions that leave us empty and unfulfilled. An insightful, thoughtful, and compelling vision of why life in the Kingdom of God is better than life in a shallow, consumer culture.
—Jon Tyson

In this powerful book, Tim Chaddick winsomely explores how the writer of Ecclesiastes speaks to the human search for significance, calling us to face the cosmic anxiety of the meaninglessness of life without God and pointing us to the mind-blowing reality that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection change every part of our lives. Chaddick is an important voice in the church who is doing fantastic work in Hollywood, and I am thankful for his ministry and for this book.

—Justin Holcomb

Tim is one of my dearest friends and also one of my greatest teachers. His insights into God, people, culture and Scripture always inspire and challenge me deeply. When Tim speaks I listen, and now I look forward to years of reading everything he writes.
—Britt Merrick 

10/1/2013 4:00:00 AM
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