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"I don't agree with Tyler Wigg-Stevenson on everything, but I always find him to be provocative, in the right sort of way. Tyler provokes thought and reflection, even from those who disagree, not simply the rattling of rival ideologies. Reading this book will prompt you to careful deliberation about what it means to love Christ and love neighbor. Even when you are on the opposite end of where Tyler comes down, you will be led to think through the issues in a fresh way. And that's a blessing."
—Russell D. Moore, dean, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"The book of Galatians exhorts the church to 'not become weary in doing good.' But how does the modern-day Christian activist react when confronted by the myriad of social issues needing attention? With uncommon skill, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson provides answers. This is an essential book for any Christian activist."
—Richard Stearns, president, World Vision US, and author of The Hole in Our Gospel

"Anyone seeking to change the world? For the love of the planet and yourself--please read this book first. Mandatory navigation tools for the deep dive into social causes."
—Steve Haas, chief catalyst, World Vision US

"God builds his kingdom, says Tyler Wigg-Stevenson. We don't. We can, however, dare to let God reveal his justice in our lives. The result is just as risky, but ultimately far more rewarding."
—David Neff, editorial vice president of CT initiative development, Christianity Today Media Group

"The World Is Not Ours to Save is a bold and thorough exploration of Christian activism for the twenty-first century. Using rational biblical and theological reflection alongside heart-wrenching narrative and skillful juxtaposition, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson paints a descriptive landscape of the social, moral and ethical complexities of our time. The reader will be challenged to reach for a prophetic imagination and invited to live the way of peaceable action in a troubled and conflicted world."
—Phileena Heuertz, founding partner of Gravity, A Center for Contemplative Activism, and author of Pilgrimage of a Soul: Contemplative Spirituality for the Active Life

"The World Is Not Ours to Save makes an exceedingly subtle and important argument; namely, Christians must reconfigure their public engagement based on humble recognition that this world and its future belong to God and not to us. But this demotion of our human/Christian ability to fix the world frees us precisely to engage the world, in love, in hope and in Christ. I find in this book the emergence on the evangelical theological scene of a significant, creative new voice. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson is a 'younger evangelical' recounting lessons learned in his precocious public engagement, lessons that apply not just to his earnest activist peers but to every Christian attempting to make a difference in the world. Tyler's voice is deeply biblical, theological and ecclesial in an era of disastrous Christian shallowness in each of these critical arenas. Simultaneously majestic and hilarious, memoir and public ethic, The World Is Not Ours to Save is absolutely must-reading for any Christian who would seek to engage our broken world in the name of Jesus Christ."
—David P. Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, director, Center for Theology and Public Life, Mercer University

"Tyler's example of deep faith has given him the ability to engage a topic that most are overwhelmed by and helps us believe the seemingly impossible is quite possible. This book is one in which love for God and people meet in a super inspiring way, and it leaves you believing the world can change."
—Leroy Barber, president, Mission Year

"Tyler Wigg-Stevenson is a great communicator. I haven't had a book challenge me so deeply or prompt so many valuable conversations in a long time. This book is smart, thoughtful, thought-provoking and important for anyone desiring a long obedience in their advocacy and activism. "[It] is impossible to paint over a rotten wall or build a large structure on a compromised foundation. We live on top of unmendable cracks, and the insoluble nature of the world means that the question posed to us is not 'how do we fix this?' but 'how can we live out the love of God in the midst of such brokenness?'" In answering this question, Wigg-Stevenson casts a vision for the Christian activist devoid of the weight of the world, rooted in Christ and oriented toward the kingdom coming."
—Sara Groves, award-winning singer/songwriter

"Tyler Wigg-Stevenson's The World Is Not Ours to Save walks Christ-followers through both his own journey and the story of Scripture, helping us arrive at a kind of world engagement and activism that is more effective than slogans and social media and more humane and healing than shouting down the world on cable news. This is a kind of activism that is drenched in the story of God and Christ's love for humankind. The World Is Not Ours to Save is a pilgrimage of the heart for those longing to see the fullness of God's kingdom."
—Sean Palmer, lead minister, The Vine Church, Temple, Texas

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