M.O.M.S. the Word for Mary

Mary is the Mother of My Sanity, and the Mother of My Sorrows. (M.O.M.S.) She keeps me steady as well as keeping my deepest confidences. She comforts me when I'm afflicted and afflicts me when I get too comfortable. Like a good Momma, she has seen me through broken dreams and broken relationships, not to mention births, deaths, cancer, other health crises, moves, menopause, and job loss. She was also the one who cheered me through good times, successful ventures, and all the average days in between.

Mary is the Mother of My Seriousness and the Mother of My Silliness. (M.O.M.S.) Being Mary's child means she "gets" me. There's a deep seriousness to my character, but a joyful child just below its surface. I'm a mixed bag and she knows it. Mary's mothering of me through her many virtues has done more to help understand, balance, and alleviate the ups and downs of my soul, my temperament, and my mistakes, than any self-help text, or therapist ever could.

Mary mothers all of me, not just the spiritual parts, and for that you could call her the Mother of My Sanctity. For when it comes to the call to holiness in my life, if there is anything that dimly reflects Jesus and all that is good, she helped to give it shape. Like St. Louis said, I do not have to rely on my own skill, but only on the perfections of my molder, my mentor, my Mother.

Here are two simple prayers to ask for Mary's intercession that I use: Mary, help me to love Jesus like you did.

And, Mary, be a mother to me now.

I love that it's May and the liturgical calendar gives me an excuse to brag about Our Lady, the help of every Christian, the Seat of Wisdom, the Queen of Heaven, and the Cause of our Joy.

Most of all, I just love that Mom's the word I want to use most to describe Mary.

5/2/2012 4:00:00 AM